SIR - Today's world sends everyone into a brain fog. Trying to get in touch with anyone at any company after receiving a letter or bill is so frustrating.

Not everyone banks online or has apps. Companies such as British Gas give deadlines of when to pay, then follow up with a letter even when you've paid your bill, wasting paper and postage.

Trying to get through on the phone is a frustrating waiting game. The robotic woman who offers the menu choices doesn't pick up on what you're trying to say.

You don't have to owe money anywhere to feel anxious. Banks have caused it by closing their premises and expecting people to fall into line. Ringing anywhere is a nightmare. To speak to a person face to face is the only way. Citizens Advice doesn't exist when you need help.

I have tried it often.

There are so many things wrong, it all needs looking into. Then there's Bradford! The bus services! Not a place to visit anymore.

Ruth Hill, Idle