SIR - First Bus on May 19 change the timetables on routes in Bradford. Two of these were the 640/41 and 671. Why?

We had a perfectly acceptable timetables, and buses turned up, when not cancelled, more or less on time. The times have changed by around 10 minutes earlier or later than previously. What did First Bus intend to achieve? We still have the same number of buses scheduled every hour.

All they have done is get right up our noses because we now have to find out when they are now due.

This is okay if you have a smartphone, and that appears to be the only way you can find out. We can no longer get printed timetables and there is no indication at stops as to when buses are due. Not everywhere has electronic information boards. Overall, First Bus have not given out any information since many didn't even know our times were changing.

As for the 671, we used to have one bus an hour from Thorpe Edge, which left at the same time of 10 past the hour. Now we don't have a clue about the times since they are all different.

There may still be one bus an hour, but the times are erratic, and absolutely ridiculous. I just can't understand their thinking behind it.

Don Oliver, Gerard House, Idle