SIR - Rishi Sunak is a failed Prime Minister and his chaotic government is doomed to wipeout at the general election.

British politics is presidential and in the general election we have a choice between Sunak and Keir Starmer. Starmer looks like a safe pair of hands.

A contemporary verdict is the failure of Tory government overall since 2010 and Sunak is just the latest failed Tory Prime Minister.

Tory government spending cuts have left Britain's defence in a very precarious state, unable to meet global challenges from Russia and China. If the Battle of Britain was fought now the country would lose. The defence of the realm is a primary duty of government and Sunak has failed in this task.

Since Brexit, Britain has lost power and influence in the world. Brexit under the Tory government has been a massive geopolitical mistake.

It was under the last Labour government that the UK became a big exporter but the incompetent Tory government led by Sunak is putting this in danger.

A Labour government would be more compassionate and would not be undertaking attacks upon people with disabilities and people claiming benefits.

The Tory government of Sunak is cruel towards the majority of people, including migrants and people who need help and support.

Neil Gardner, Hunters Park Avenue, Clayton