SIR - Many in the Bradford district are concerned and disappointed that M&S have made a decision to leave.

We are not alone: the internet reveals that they are rotating their estate in many areas across the UK.

However, we must be the largest city to be losing an M&S.

Can our political representatives, of all sides, in the Commons and Council come together to bring some pressure to bear on M&S and articulate solid business reasons to stay in our city? Are they doing anything to help at all? You could knock sense into Westfield and M&S, as well as other stakeholders.

You could mention £700m expected from the UK City of Culture 2025, the Bradford Live venue opening this year, the new station and through-railway promised after the cancellation of the HS2 project as just a few of those business reasons.

If M&S leave, others will follow - and that is the real danger.

Editor, can you approach our MPs and Councillors for comment? What are they doing?

John Robinson, South Edge, Shipley