SIR - An article in the T&A on March 23 warned motorists of the increasing cost of vehicle tax in April.

The annual tax on most petrol cars is less than £200 while hybrid cars classed as low emission pay less than £20 (this is not excessive compared with the cost of insurance). In 1973 vehicle tax was £50 (equivalent to £1,000 when you compare typical wages in 1973 with 2024). Similarly petrol costs £1.45 per litre today compared with 8.5p per litre in 1973 (equivalent to £1.70 today).

I know this is not a popular view, but we are not paying enough vehicle duty or fuel duty to maintain and improve the roads, and subsidise urban public transport.

If we carry on as we are we will not be able to move in our cities because there are too many cars on the road. This will lead to increased pollution, accelerating climate change and rising sea levels.

Bob Marshall, Sheridan Street, Bradford