SIR - The report that Shipley is to have a new £100m electric train depot which will create 100 jobs and be run by Northern Rail is great news for the town (T&A, March 15).

It will certainly be an exciting development for Shipley - something that is desperately needed for the area.

One has to hope that Network Rail, who will be developing the facility, will take much better care of it rather than others of theirs in the locality.

You only had to look at the accompanying photo on page 3 of attendees descending the steps of the footbridge between platforms 3 and 4 to emphasise the point. It was covered in rust and looked dreadful.

Indeed, if you think that's bad then look at the state of the footbridge between platforms 1 and 2 which is far worse. If Network Rail didn't insist that it is safe then you might take an alternative view with rust everywhere and bases cracking up. Both footbridges are in urgent need of a full and proper refurbishment.

Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon