SIR - Bob Watson of Baildon (T&A letters, March 16) may well be satisfied with Philip Davies as his MP but there is better than 50per cent chance that Mr Davies will be out on his ear following the next election.

In Baildon, as in the country generally, there is a groundswell against the Conservatives and Mr Davies has not endeared himself to a significant body of his constituents with his links to the gambling industry and his moonlighting on GB TV.

Mr Watson gives a hostage to fortune by mentioning Brexit, that he supports.

As Brexit minister David Davies famously declared that “there will be no downsides to Brexit - only upsides”. Since then Yorkshire Bylines has meticulously tracked press reports of how Brexit is actually panning out. At the latest count the Bylines website records 37 “upsides” and 1,680 “downsides”.

I trust that scoreline will once again make Mr Watson's heart sink.

John Cole (Chair, Bradford for Europe)