SIR - A recent report has indicated that hospital admissions in the UK due to food poisoning have risen to record levels. Salmonella and e-coli are just two of the “culprits”.

Food safety standards and systems for prevention were more robust when the UK was a member of the EU and, apart from anything else, had access to the EU food safety database.

Tim Lang, Professor of food policy at City University, is quoted as saying “ was no surprise” and there would be more cases “until the British public wakes up and says it is not acceptable”.

He added that the situation had been “worsened by Brexit and local authority cuts, and a fragmentation of the system of food safety governance”.

The present Conservative government has to be held responsible for compromising UK food safety. All three of those factors mentioned by Prof Lang are part of the government's remit.

John Cole, Oakroyd Terrace, Baildon