SIR - The basic argument against the proposed scheme to send asylum seekers to Rwanda is that it is both morally reprehensible and flies in the face of UK international treaty obligations.

To the above we can now add that the Rwanda scheme is outrageously expensive and incredibly poor value for money.

The government has been keeping quiet on the costs of the scheme. Two senior MPs (the chairs of the Public Accounts Committee and the Home Affairs Select Committee) used their authority to require the National Audit Office to produce for parliament a report on how much sending an asylum seeker to Rwanda will cost the public purse. The answer has now come back and is £181,874 per person sent.

The most recent year in which running the asylum system was working with anything like a normal degree of efficiency was 2017. Then, the cost of processing one case from start to finish was £7,062.

Flying an alleged “illegal immigrant” to Rwanda and putting them in the “care” of the Rwandan government is about to cost us (if the plan is ever put into operation) 25 times the 2017 cost.

Not only is the present government morally bankrupt but it seems to have zero regard for “value for money”.

John Cole, Oakroyd Terrace, Baildon