SIR - Re the article 'What happened to the bodies beneath City Park': My husband, Brian J Anderson, is a retired Environmental Health Manager with Bradford Council from 1967-2017 and in the early years of his career was involved in assisting with overseeing the exhumation of bodies buried in a graveyard of a church which was being demolished to make way for redevelopment in Bradford city centre/Forster Square.

At that time was a still a student or, a newly qualified Public Health Inspector with the council. So the time frame would fit in with the date in the article and I think is possibly the same church to which you refer.

He often mentioned this when talking about the changes that have taken place in Bradford over the past 50 years.

Sadly, as he now has dementia and in a nursing home I am unable to ask him about this event but there are former work colleagues from that time who might read the article who will probably be able to provide additional details if required.

Gillian Anderson, Warren Lane, Eldwick