SIR - This is a letter I have written to M&S CEO Stuart Machin about the proposed closure of the Bradford store:

I am writing to you as a Bradford resident and loyal M&S shopper. The reason that has been given for the proposed closure of the Bradford store is that the company is 'rotating the store estate'. This is clearly George Orwell Doublespeak. It can only mean that the people of Bradford are expected to go to other stores in West Yorkshire.

Here are the distances from my part of the city to the nearest stores, taken from Googlemaps:

* Leeds city centre store: 14 miles; car 30 minutes (difficult, expensive parking); bus and train one hour 15minutes; bicycle 40 minutes

* Owlcotes Pudsey: Seven miles; car 30 minutes (route is often gridlocked); bus and train approx one hour; bicycle 40 minutes.

* White Rose Shopping Centre: 13 miles; car 30 minutes (route often gridlocked); bus and train approx two hours; bicycle one hour

By contrast: Broadway Bradford: 2.4 miles, car 10 minutes; bus 15 minutes; bicycle 15 minutes.

Here is the evidence of the dramatic effect in terms of convenience and expense that would occur from the closure of the Bradford store.

A further consequence would be the extra pollution on our roads.

The decision, even more importantly, discriminates against the elderly, the poor and the disabled.

I have always been more than satisfied with the fashions, food and cafe in the store. I have also felt that M&S, unlike many retail businesses, took an ethical and moral stance in the way the company was run. Your decision gives a lie to my belief.

Bradford will become the UK City of Culture next year. Bus and cycle lanes into the city centre are being created as part of the preparations. The only problem is: THERE WILL BE ALMOST NO SHOPS.

This city is the youngest in the UK. Please reflect on the fact that you are about to lose these hundreds of thousands of shoppers.

Julie Ivanov, Thorncroft Road, Bradford