SIR - Both my wife and I were born and raised in Bradford, but left in 1969 for sunnier climes.

After life in Africa, we moved to the US where we still live.

I occasionally drop by the T&A Nostalgia section to see what’s happening. Your article on Hall Ings got my attention.

I remember it as it was before it was changed to its current design back in the 60s. I actually have a T&A book of Old Bradford that shows the photos from back then. Now it’s all to change again.

Your nostalgia section never seems to remember the time from back when I was a kid growing up. My parents once ran The Great Northern pub in the late 60s at the bottom of Wakefield Road, which is long gone. It went the way of most things back then to make road changes. David Cushworth, Wilmington, Delaware, USA