SIR - The "King's Cross of the North" headlined the T&A (February 2), quoting a source at the Department for Transport.

As currently proposed a new station would be located on the site of the St James' Wholesale Market off Wakefield Road. However, as the Great Northern Railway soon found out all those years ago when they built their station at Adolphus Street, it was positioned too far from the city centre, which would be exactly the case now.

It was interesting therefore that the Rail Minister Huw Merriman stated that several different sites were being looked at for the potential station.

Thank goodness for that. Let's hope that common sense prevails and it does not end up at this out of town location.

Indeed, if £2 billion is indeed available, then surely far better to link up the two existing stations once and for all.

Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon