SIR - The continued silence from WYCA and Bradford Council about a proper plan of action to get the Interchange bus station reopened is frustrating.

Regurgitated messages about being closed for safety and surveys have been peddled out for eight weeks now with no progress except for continued chaos with the buses scattered around the city and not even any toilets or refreshments for available for rail travellers.

This is giving a very negative impression of the city and it’s awful to travel daily in the current situation.

The lower concourse is still lit up but locked up yet I note the bus drivers canteen and railway offices above are open whilst passengers have to use the small side access ramp outside.

The lower concourse needs to be at least partially reopened to passengers to provide access to toilets and refreshments.

It’s not as if any heavy vehicles are driving over the top of the concourse putting weight on it with the continued closure of the bus station above.

Phil Barraclough, Sandhill Close, Bradford