SIR - Until today Kwasi Kwarteng's main claim to fame was being Liz Truss's chancellor and producing a budget that came close to crashing the UK economy.

Kwarteng is due to leave the Commons at the next election, and his parting gift has been, writing in the right wing Sunday papers, for the Conservatives to “bring back Boris - a proven election winner”.

The lack of emotional intelligence and self-awareness is remarkable. Possibly this is explained by both Boris and Kwarteng being products of Eton College.

The Commons Standards Committee, only June last year, producing a report on how Johnson repeatedly lied to the Commons. Johnson resigned as an MP rather than face the Committee. Chris Mason, the BBC's political editor, wrote on the BBC website of “..a punishingly brutal report” that was “devastating for Boris Johnson”. Mason added: “This is a report - in breadth and depth - that demolishes Johnson's character and conduct” .

Possibly only a minority of Conservatives are calling for Boris to be brought back, but even that minority should be give short shrift. All they embody is a determination to hold on to office (and its associated perks). The past nine years have shown that serving the best interests of the country features low on their priority list.

John Cole, Oakroyd Terrace, Baildon