SIR - May I take this opportunity to urge all residents of Bradford to log onto the Bradford Council website home page.

There are on the top of the page icons, the one on the far right is 'Have your say on budget proposals for 2024-25'.

I do urge all those interested and have a concern of where this Council is leading us, to make their comments, many will be constructive, I am sure, which will not have been on the Council's radar given the poor quality of those within the Council chambers and offices.

There are a number of set questions to answer but overall you have the opportunity to let them know your thoughts and suggestions.

As usual, they want to increase council tax on residents we are the usual pay masters for them and their failed policies.

Have your say - who knows, they might actually take on board the suggestions people make and save money, raise income.

Finally, the deadline is Saturday, February 17.

So, don’t delay have your say.

Richard Milczanowski, Hollybank Grove, Great Horton