SIR - As Susan Hinchcliffe is both leader of Bradford Council and Chair of West Yorkshire Combined Authority Transport Committee, I hope she will be in a good position at Monday’s meeting, as reported in T&A on January 23, to obtain a satisfactory prognosis on Bradford Interchange, for the sake of public transport users in Bradford and beyond. We have waited long enough for clarity.

We have bought into the so-called vision of both WYCA and Bradford to massively grow the use of public transport and active travel, and what are we getting now? A ‘temporary bus station’ which is a piece of waste land. Buses scattered all over the streets of the city with a few often disinterested-looking helpers to ask for directions.

We are also getting no on-the-spot train connections, no feeling of shelter or security, no café for meeting or refreshment when passing the time during waits, no access to the newsagents, and no toilets.

Our taxes are going into this- I find it difficult to believe that when/if WYCA are running the buses in addition to the bus station they will be able to do a better job with them.

Jackie Wilkes, Tower Road, Shipley