SIR - "A 'parasitic' couple who preyed on a 'vulnerable, defenceless and unwell' Bradford man before killing him in his own house have been handed lengthy jail sentences." (T&A, January 20)

The murderers, Ian Mitchell (35) and Sarah Pearson (23) will have to serve 23 and 19 years respectively for an act described by the Judge as deplorable, reprehensible, callous, and beyond the comprehension of decent people. The actions included hiding the body to avoid it being found.

These sentences in my view are wholly inadequate for such a murder and nothing like lengthy enough. The culprits could be back on the streets when they are only 58 and 42 which is FAR too soon and simply not acceptable.

Once again the justice system shows just how weak and hopeless it really is.

Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon