SIR - My local tip where I live, Ford Hill in Queensbury, along with two others including Sugden End (Cross Roads) and Golden Butts (Ilkley) will all be closing.

Fly-tipping is already bad, so closing these tips will only make the matter worse. The nearest tip from here in the Bradford district is Dealburn Road HWRC in Low Moor after the Ford Hill one closes, which is 5.9 miles away. This will put a lot of extra pressure on the Low Moor site.

It will also mean that the council has to spend more money on litter pickers to pick up the extra waste that is not being recycled, which: A is not environmentally friendly and B is very costly.

Meanwhile Bradford council are chipping away at our money by building a new office block in the city centre and changing the design of the city centre, whilst shutting off many roads. This will not change people’s behaviour and it is making Bradford a less attractive place to come to because of all the extra traffic having to navigate the roads that are still open.

They are also knocking down both the Kirkgate and the Oastler shopping centres whilst building a new Darley Street Market. What a waste.

If the council could manage their finances much better then there would be no need to shut down these tips.

Adam Paterson, Bittern Court, Bradford