SIR - How ironic that a deficit caused partly by the high costs of placing children in residential care outside the Bradford district should lead to the closure of a residential outdoor education centre ('Proposal to sell Ingleborough Hall', January 4).

Just a few months ago, the Government made a recognition of the value of residential education by launching the £1.5 million Adventures Away from Home fund. As they said in its Guidance Notes, "Outdoor learning has been shown to increase young people’s attainment in schools and their attitudes towards learning."

Given Bradford's perennial problems with achievement in schools, it might make more sense to ensure that every child in the district gets a residential education experience at Ingleborough Hall, rather than close it.

In addition, the health statistics for young people show that there is a huge need for them to experience the proven health benefits, both physical and mental, of time outdoors.

To do otherwise is simply storing up higher costs for the future.

Chris Johnson, Exmouth Place, Bradford