SIR - Your reporter, Josie Clarke, has an interesting recent piece ('Red or White? Mine's a pint') that details how UK wine producers will be able to market their produce in pint-size bottles.

This is celebrated by Kevin Hollinrake MP (Minister for Enterprise, Markets and Small Business) as a triumph for “...innovation, freedom and choice. Our exit from the EU was all about moments like this...”

I do not resent this minuscule success, although for years I have been quite content to buy wine in bottles of 75cl capacity. But let us keep this in perspective.

Brexit has been a disaster, and the British people know this. The excellent online Yorkshire Bylines has been keeping a score of Brexit upsides against downsides. The current score is 36 upsides and 1523 downsides. That is a ratio of nearly 50:1 'bads' against 'goods'.

Space allows me to mention just two 'downsides'. Economists agree that the UK economy is now five per cent smaller than if we had not left the EU. Also young people in the UK cannot now access the excellent Erasmus scholarship programme.

These two are huge hits to the UK in contrast with the triviality of wine in pint bottles.

John Cole, Chair, Bradford for Europe, Oakroyd Terrace, Baildon