SIR - Shock, horror as Baroness Mone admits lying to the press about using her government cronies and position in the House of Lords to make a £60 million profit from Covid PPI.

Is anyone surprised or is this so unusual to warrant being described as shock and horror?

Lying and corruption are part of a politician's stock and trade. The list of those exposed would fill an encyclopaedia. It's the norm. Not the exception.

But it is this cabal of unelected Establishment cronies, who give allegiance to an unelected King, who hypocritically hide behind indignation when one of their kind commits the ultimate crime. Being found out! It is on this we must express shock and horror. Mone is but a small cog in a very big wobbly wheel.

Unfortunately the 'elected' other place is no better and fake democracy is everywhere. At all levels.

Democracy hasn’t evolved with time. It’s degenerated with crime. And since politicians make the law it can mean anything they want it to mean.

At the next elections, remember this and think carefully about participating and giving credibility to a scam democracy. And also what value the suffragettes would put on the corrupt universal voting system they fought so heroically to achieve.

Voting is one thing. Getting what you voted for is entirely different.

Malcolm Naylor, Cowpasture Road, Ilkley