SIR - Nissan’s Sunderland investment is good news, Peter Rickaby (Letters, December 2) - but it doesn’t disprove how hugely damaging Brexit is to the UK economy overall. The Japanese carmaker isn’t typical of potential new investors...or existing ones wanting to expand.

Nissan’s already here, so relocating operations would be costly. It’s receiving Government subsidies. It’s a big, international company - so better able than most firms to navigate red tape thrown up by Brexit.

Look past the Nissan headlines, Mr Rickaby. France has overtaken the UK as Europe’s favourite country for new foreign direct investment. Many British companies that are expanding are choosing to do so within the European Single Market - not here - to avoid Brexit bureaucracy and better serve customers in Europe.

A recent European Movement UK study found 94 per cent of British firms hit by Brexit.

Even Nissan chiefs talk about Brexit as something they must cope with...not a benefit to them or our country. Presumably, they’d welcome removing trade barriers with customers and suppliers.

Hopefully, they won’t be waiting too long for that. YouGov (November 29) found 72 per cent of us want closer EU ties and 57 per cent access to the single market.

Peter Brown, Wibsey