SIR - From my house to the paper shop is about 750 to 800 yards away. As I got to the end of my drive two cars went past, both drivers on mobile phones, so I thought I would see how many other drivers weren't paying attention.

By the time I got back home about 25 minutes later I had seen eight drivers on their phones. One lady was actually looking down at her phone texting rather then looking where she was driving.

Five drivers were speeding and one driver overtook another car just before a traffic island, swerving to miss the island and cutting up the other car.

Is it no wonder that Bradford is one of the worst cities for driving offences when you see this sort of thing on a regular basis?

When I passed my test about 45 years ago I was told that driving was a privilege not a right, which is what a lot of drivers seem to think nowadays.

Paul Charman, Beacon Road, Wibsey