SIR - With reference to Emma Clayton’s comments (T&A, November 2) on the £2 bus fare, it was never going to very useful for city users as most city bus companies have good value monthly or annual tickets which are about £2 per day for regular travellers.

However, the £2 is a bonus for pensioners who want an earlier trip than the free bus pass allows.

The big benefit is on longer trips in rural areas where fares can be quite high even for a few miles.

But it is not well thought out and a £2 fare from Leeds to Scarborough causes overcrowding and inconvenience for regular bus users.

It is an expensive way of supporting buses and it is not clear how it will be phased out at some time in the future. An abrupt return to normal fares would not be a good idea.

However, it is an excellent opportunity for people to try out the buses for shopping or just a ride round. If you use more than two buses a Dayrider ticket would be better value.

Ray Wilkes, Tower Road, Shipley