SIR - At the start of summer I had the misfortune to have to drive into the city centre down Little Horton lane and turn onto Princes Way. Bollards and road restrictions, fair enough, no work being undertaken though - although on the return journey there were two workmen sat in the sun on the banking.

I travelled the same route on Sunday October 22. Unbelievable, still not completed, same restrictions, traffic queues a plenty.

I spoke with a friend who had travelled the same route during the week, however being smart he turned down Sharpe Street. He was taken aback: temporary traffic lights, and guess what? No-one on site.

These contractors must love this Council and its leadership, seemingly able to undertake works as they wish at whatever pace, to everyone else’s inconvenience but theirs.

Does no one have a grip on them? Does no one oversee them? Probably not.

Yes it may seem a moan, but I feel justified. I feel it for every worker and business trying to make a living in these hard times and having barriers put in place. Everywhere you turn some road or other is dug up around the city centre. It had better be worth it.

My summary, with what I have observed taking place and the rate of works: 18 months to do a nine-month job. Lots of money for someone. Wonder who’s got the short stick here.

Richard Milczanowski, Hollybank Grove, Great Horton