SIR -On October 17 I set of from Great Horton to drop my car in for a service at a major car dealership on Thornton Road near the city centre. Scheduled for 8.30am, I set off at approximately 7.45am, being aware of the numerous roadworks over the entire city.

Coming down in heavy traffic to Listerhills Road to the junction with Thornton Road I turned right and traffic was backed up. It took 20 minutes to travel approximately 300 yards to the garage. I only just made my appointment time.

All due to the pathetic traffic management at the end of Thornton Road and Godwin Street junction. These works have being going on it seems all summer and little positive signs are evident as to why they are dragging on.

I have sympathy for all those folk travelling to get to work in the city centre, even more so for all the businesses trying to function with the seemingly ill thought out works going on over the whole of Bradford.

Folk are telling me, “I'm off to Halifax or Huddersfield even Leeds” to shop. Bradford is a mess.

It has to be hoped these works do not impact to badly on Bradford's future.

If they do, who is responsible? More so, who will be held to account?

Don’t hold your breath.

Richard Milczanowski, Hollybank Grove, Great Horton