SIR - November is World Vegan Month.

Being vegan simply means avoiding, as far as is possible and practicable, the abuse and exploitation of animals. And the easiest way one can do this is to simply not eat animals.

Eating a plant-based, vegan diet has never been easier. Vegan food is now widely available - in every supermarket, on restaurant menus, and more! Animals farmed for food suffer horrendously; in the UK, and globally, the majority of animals are farmed in intensive factory-farm conditions. They have very little space, little to no access to the outdoors, are subject to mutilations, and, when the time comes, they are sent to the slaughterhouse to face a terrifying and brutal death.

Not just this but being vegan is also better for the planet. Study after study has shown that a plant-based diet produces vastly fewer greenhouse gas emissions, uses less land, and requires fewer resources than the production of animal products.

In addition, every dietetic association around the world agrees that a balanced vegan diet provides all the nutrients one needs to be healthy, and can have health benefits - including a reduced risk of certain types of cancer, type-2 diabetes, and other diseases.

For anyone who is curious about going vegan, Animal Aid's 7-Day Vegan Challenge is the perfect way to get all the help and advice you need. Visit

Tod Bradbury, Campaign Manager, Animal Aid