SIR - I’ve had eggs thrown at me on the street. I’ve had insults hurled at me by people in a passing car. All because of my learning disability, which marked me out as different.

And I am not alone in my experience. Dimensions’ research finds that 3.6million people in the UK have physically hurt someone because of their learning disability or autism.

We can all do better. This National Hate Crime Awareness Week, we’re calling on the public to help stamp out learning disability hate crime for good. That includes the people that commit hate crime, but also those who watch on without intervening, or avoid interacting with people with learning disabilities altogether.

I want to live in a world where I can leave my front door without fear of abuse. Where I am free to travel at night, and where I can get onto an empty tube carriage and feel relaxed, instead of terrified that someone could hurt me without others there to see.

We can all help tackle disability hate crime. Join us and show your support by posting a photo of yourself pointing to a watch or clock on social media with #NoTimeForHateCrime.

Dr Mark Brookes MBE, Advocacy Lead at Dimensions