SIR - Following the result of the 2016 referendum the Conservative minister David Davies famously claimed that there would be no downsides to Brexit - only upsides.

Starting in January 2021 the excellent online publication Yorkshire Bylines has meticulously tracked the upsides and downsides of Brexit, frequently as they were reported as articles in the media. Every effort is made to be even-handed.

As of the 19th October the scores are 'Upsides 29', 'Downsides 1,377' .

Readers of your paper who send in letters defending - even extolling! - Brexit need to take note of the above scores.

Evidence that Brexit has been a huge mistake and is proving profoundly damaging just continues to pile up. Your pro-Brexit correspondents should log on to Yorkshire Bylines - Davies Downside Dossier and engage with the evidence.

And by the way, the dossier has had 166,000 hits. So the message that exiting the EU was a mistake is getting through.

John Cole, Oakroyd Terrace, Baildon