SIR - West Yorkshire Major Tracy Brabin is telling car owners to leave their cars at home and use public transport. It would be a good idea if there was a decent bus service and one which operated after 21.00.

We have a local First bus service which runs late, out of service or just doesn't turn up. We come out for a bus but are never sure when or if one will arrive.

The delays are caused by roadworks but we believe they are being used as an excuse. On the 640/41 they regularly get cancelled on top of being late or running out of service. Are drivers given carte blanche to take any necessary action if running late? I have experienced the driver change the destination to 'out of service' when not late and still with passengers on.

As for the 611/12/13/14 to Shipley they don't get cancelled. They do run late to such an extent that there are three buses travelling in a line. There is no organisation to correct this. After 18.00 there appears to be no buses running from Shipley via Thackley. It happens regularly. They go into Shipley but don't return - hence my recent query about the 'Bermuda Triangle effect'. What is the reason for this First bus?

We are fully aware there are roadworks in the centre of Bradford. This appears never-ending.

Did First bus consult the council about the possible delays and how it could be better managed? I doubt it very much.

Don Oliver, Gerard House, Idle