SIR - No Funding for HS2? Or anything else north of Watford?

And isn’t 'levelling up' just a propaganda exercise to give the illusion that taxes are being fairly distributed?

Just who will benefit from HS2? Certainly not the people who live, work and create wealth in the North. The only beneficiaries will be the profiteering construction capitalists.

Isn’t there more important basic transportation problems that deserve priority for OUR money to be spent on.?

Wouldn’t it be nice to travel between Leeds, Bradford, Manchester, Sheffield, Hull and Liverpool and all other Northern towns in a reasonable time, in comfort and at low cost?

Or even to travel between Ilkley and Bradford. where at present no bus service exists and is Inaccessible to bus pass holding pensioners.

So to 'level up' the North, how about we:

* Abolish the Monarchy;

* Confiscate its wealth (which is really our wealth, undemocratically stolen from us in taxes);

* Use this to improve local transportation in the North.

Malcolm Naylor, Cowpasture Road, Ilkley