SIR - Recent press reports that scrapping HS2 would be an ‘act of vandalism’ sums up the situation.

It is further reported that former Tory Chancellor George Osborne and ex-Conservative Deputy Prime Minister Lord Heseltine were among senior figures warning that axing the Manchester route would be a “gross act of vandalism” which would mean abandoning the North and Midlands.

What’s happened to levelling up? The Prime Minister’s answer includes more funding for potholes. This is needed but is hardly a strategic long term economic plan to level up the North and Midlands.

Under Conservative Governments there has been a lack of progress on HS2 and costs have escalated.

If the speculation is true the billions of our money spent on consultants and legal fees together with other private company charges will have been wasted.

The Tories claim to be better at managing the economy than Labour but on the few occasions Labour have been in Government the evidence suggests they have been more successful.

Granted in 1997 after the chancellorship of Conservative Ken Clarke Labour inherited an improving economy. It’s notable the Tory Party never elected him as their Party Leader.

Michael Johnson, Prince Street, Haworth