SIR - No animal deserves to be left in the road like rubbish following a road traffic accident. This is the reason we created Animal Road Awareness Day four years ago. This year it is on October 10.

Accidents will sadly always happen. It is the actions of the driver in the aftermath that determines someone's level of moral bankruptcy.

More than 600 cats are hit by cars every day in the UK. A quarter will be fatal. We believe drivers should stop to help all animals should the worst happen. Our national remembrance and awareness day is to commemorate and further mobilise action. Although our campaign centres around cats, this is an issue affecting all animals. In Britain, annual road casualties are estimated to account for 100,000 fox deaths, 50,000 badgers, 50,000 deer and 30 million birds. Hedgehogs once topped the death table, with 29per cent killed by cars - until they entered the critically endangered list.

We hope to co-ordinate a message which will be shared internationally, for all animals. We can't stop roads being built, or animals wandering on to them, but we can make people acknowledge what has happened and help the animal, if not help prevent most collisions happening in the first case just by highlighting the issue and bringing it to the forefront of drivers minds .

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