SIR - Re 'Council Bankruptcy Fears' (T&A, September 16).

Philip Davies ignores the truth behind the cash problems shared by UK local Councils. George Osborne’s 2010 ‘austerity’ plan included large cuts to local authority funding. Northern Metropolitan Councils like Bradford suffered the biggest cuts, and cuts have been made for the last 13 years.

Despite this, Bradford is not on the list of 20 councils with the greatest debt-to-income ratios, produced by well-known credit ratings agency Moody’s, indicating likely future bankruptcies.

The Davies and Moore duo are still misleading voters about their ‘break away’ from Bradford.

Mr Moore has twice promoted this in a Private Members Bill, which the Conservative government has not backed. Instead it has been amalgamating Councils, this year abolishing Craven District Council (covering Skipton) and creating an Authority for the whole of North Yorkshire.

Val Carroll, North Street, Silsden