SIR - In 2016, and after having supported the Labour Party all my adult life, I joined the Party.

Pretty quickly I began to have doubts. What really disturbed me were frequent communications from the Yorkshire and Humberside Trades Council, almost all of which called for action on climate change that would clearly be against the interests of working people it was supposedly there to support.

Things have moved apace since then and the aspiring Keir Starmer has pinned all his electoral hopes on supercharging the ‘net zero’ bandwagon, so it is clear that Labour intends to pursue policies that will further impoverish the great majority of Britain’s people. He’s not alone of course. Boris Johnson, a former climate change sceptic, harnessed the Conservatives to this ill thought through and suicidal folly and came close to destroying his party and proved to us all the utter lunacy of net zero policies.

But Keir Starmer believes Labour can perform such policies more efficiently, and sadly, I believe he’s right. Most of us know the results will be catastrophic, leaving us even poorer than under the Tories.

Until Labour returns to representing the interests of ordinary people in this country, rather than those of billionaires and the World Economic Forum, I have done with them.

I’m sure I won’t be alone.

Kevin Morria, Alexander Street, Bradford