SIR - 65 million years after their extinction, it is now about time the human race paid reparations to the dinosaurs.

It is clear the we humans owe our wealth and indeed our very existence to the suffering of our giant predecessors.

And to say we weren’t responsible for the death of the dinosaurs, because we weren’t there is simply not enough anymore. We must also not use the excuse that they no longer exist to not pay them.

The calculated payment of about £371.6 trillion is subject to interest accrued over the last 780 million months.

Giving us a sum total of £74,085,229,579,183,925,496,280,541,336,954,331,734,722,808,211,476,725.24p.

At first, in a cost of living crisis, the UK taxpayer may have to take a hit but will enjoy the benefits at a later date because we’re doing the right thing.

Alan Bates, Bowland Avenue, Baildon