SIR - What will it take for the British public to wake from its stupor and take action against our fraudulent, democracy and cultural destruction? We will, it seems tolerate anything.

In a country with increasing food banks, homeless people and child poverty we provide hotel accommodation for illegal immigrants, send lifeboats out into the Channel to escort them here and give foreign aid to India, which is rich enough to be a nuclear power and fund a space programme.

The first step in a true democracy is to take control of the money we pay in taxes. How difficult would this be?

Well actually not difficult at all but our Establishment masters will present as many obstacles and hurdles as possible to prevent it. It is in their interests to encourage immigrants and fund capitalists around the world.

So how can we take control? We are required to submit tax returns so why not have a section itemising national costs and allow the taxpayers to specify how their tax is to be used.

Those trying to protect our country are punished and castigated whilst those dismantling it are rewarded.

Stop being distracted by other issues and start fighting to preserve this country. And trust ALL politicians and the government at your peril.

This isn’t democracy. It’s Establishment dictatorship.

Malcolm Naylor, Cowpasture Road, Ilkley