SIR - I have to agree with Mr Derek Essex's letter. I have had a couple of instances when driving where cyclists have not been paying attention to the road or their surroundings.

The first instance was the other week at the bottom of Moore Avenue. I was driving down no traffic on the road and as I got to the traffic lights a cyclist came through two red traffic signals across the front of my car. The cyclist was just looking down at the road and was surprised when I sounded my horn.

The second incident happened at a roundabout when the cyclist came up the inside of my vehicle and cut across the front of me without signalling. In both cases if I had not been alert to my surroundings I could have injured or knocked the cyclists off their bikes. The thing is I could be charged with driving without due care and attention even though they were at fault.

I believe that cyclists should have to take some sort of test before going on the roads or have some sort of insurance for riding on the roads.

Paul Charman, Beacon Road, Wibsey