SIR - I haven’t seen the Barbie film so I can’t really comment on it. But it appears to have led to a resurgence in feminism, demonstrated partly by the Skipton Town Councilor Winston Feather (T&A letters page Aug 11).

First of all, I wonder how many of these latest advocates in the new wave of feminism can say what a woman is nowadays. And I would argue that the history of feminism going back to the Suffragettes is based largely on misandry and distortions of which there are too many to list here.

Today, men still die younger and have retired later. They are more likely to commit suicide, are far more likely to die in accidents at work and in wars and are more likely to die with Covid.

We are demonised, generalised, ridiculed and objectified far more than would be acceptable for any other group in society.

Most men aren’t rapists or even violent. And some have done good.

The word misandry is underused but is a much bigger problem than misogyny, and I don’t recall anyone being punished for misandry.

Alan Bates, Bowland Avenue, Baildon