SIR - Re fly tipping at former Holme Wood Social Club. I note Cllr Edwards (Green Tong) is photographed in the T&A again. He’s good at getting publicity but less successful at getting the fly tipping removed. He says he warned about this back in December.

The Green Party have all three Councillors in Tong Ward. In this year’s Green Party leaflet Cllr Edwards claimed, “It is so important we have another Green Councillor who will put our area first and not just vote for how Labour Party bosses want them to.”

This type of negative campaigning is too common in all political parties. The public say they dislike it, but politicians think it works. Well it might in the short term but eventually the public find you out.

As a retired Tong Ward Councillor (Labour) I can assure Cllr Edwards that Labour Councillors worked all year round to represent Tong Ward residents.

It was Cllr Wainwright who got the Council to use its enforcement powers at the Tempest Pub site. The three Labour Councillors also called for the Council to use its powers of compulsory purchase to acquire this and other sites in Holme Wood.

Michael Johnson, Prince Street, Haworth