SIR - I was pleased to read that 65per cent of contributors to the Daily Poll in the T&A voted to demolish the Richard Dunn Centre and only 35per cent wished for it to remain.

In my early days of residing in Bradford I undertook bus travels around the area to get a better idea of where I decided to live and I wished to see Odsal Stadium and other areas like Valley Parade etc. It was during one of these journeys that I first saw the Richard Dunn Centre and thought maybe a circus was in residence there, not knowing at the time that it was a sports and recreation facility.

Sadly this grand old building has had its day and if it wasn't for Historic England saying it should stay, the bulldozers would surely have moved onto the site some time ago.

Now we are left with a building that quite frankly nobody appears to have any idea of a future use for. It's become an expensive site to secure and a magnet for anti-social behaviour, crime and fly-tipping. Keeping the building as it is may mean it will soon resemble an eyesore caked in graffiti.

Perhaps we could send the costs of securing and maintaining the site to the boffins who declared the place worth saving. I see no reason why my council tax should be spent on the pointless security of the site that will soon become an eyesore to anyone passing by.

The Richard Dunn Centre is past its prime. Time to demolish it and perhaps build something else that the community can enjoy.

Derek Essex, Fairbairn Fold, Bradford