According to Digi Mind, fitness and gym categories are among the most popular on Instagram in the UK. If you’re super enthusiastic about the gym, then starting an Instagram account is the right move. Instagram is the leading social media site in the UK, with over 30 million users, according to Statista, and this can dramatically improve your outreach.

However, gaining Instagram followers is an uphill battle, especially if you’re starting with zero followers. Whether you intend on giving nutritional advice, sharing your workout routine, or showing off your fitness progress, there’s a lot of competition in the fitness scene on Instagram.

This is why you should consider buying Instagram followers to give your account a boost.

This doesn’t just apply to fitness accounts though. If you have an Instagram account and want to boost your followers, consider any of the trusted services below.

Some of the UK’s best sites to buy Instagram followers

Here are our best UK websites where you can buy Instagram followers and become a leader in the Instagram influencer scene.


Twicsy is the perfect choice for fitness enthusiasts and influencers who want to build their brand on Instagram. This website has been featured in numerous publications, like 10News and 303Mag, for being one of the best sites to purchase Instagram followers from.

What makes this website so popular are the follower packages they offer. Twicsy doesn’t just send a wave of bot accounts without profile pictures your way. They provide real Instagram followers with profile pictures and realistic usernames that won’t trigger Instagram’s spam system.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Twicsy customer service is the best on the block. They have a customer support team that’s available 24/7, so no matter where you are, you can always look to them if you have problems with the service delivered.

Payment with Twicsy is also hassle-free and very convenient. All you need to do to buy followers is a debit or credit card and your account username. Twicsy will never ask you to create an account just to use their service, so don’t worry about having to take the time to input information other than what you need to get those followers to your account.


Buzzoid is perfect for accounts that are just starting out. One thing that sets them apart from other, similar sites is the fact that their followers rarely ever drop off.

Oftentimes, sites that sell Instagram followers will have accounts that follow customers temporarily. Either that, or the accounts get suspended because they are obviously bots. As such, customers that purchase followers from these sites never truly get their money’s worth, meaning that new accounts will display low follower counts all the time.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

However, Buzzoid only provides real, high-quality followers that don’t trigger Instagram’s spam system. If, for whatever reason, the accounts can no longer follow yours, Buzzoid will give you new followers to replace the ones you lost every 30 days.

Their website is also highly secure, thanks to the firewall protections and website security measures they use. After all, they want to protect their customers and guarantee safe purchases for all future Instagram influencers that use their services.


Rushmax is a fantastic site to use if you want to start a fitness-related small business and you have a tight budget for social media promotion. Their follower packages are highly affordable, but extremely effective at boosting your Instagram page.

Rushmax follower packages offer premium followers that will help your account look like a popular Instagram page. If you are starting a business, this is crucial, as people are more likely to buy a service or product if it’s popular online, especially with fitness products.

Rushmax is also great for businesses because they do not ask for your password to give you the followers. Not only does this ensure that your business account is fully protected, but it also establishes Rushmax as a site that understands what Instagram account owners need and want.

4.SocialSharp Marketing

If you want to show off your fitness journey and inspire an audience to do the same, start by investing in your account with paid followers from SocialSharp Marketing. This site has plenty to offer in terms of follower packages for your Instagram page. Once they help you rank up in the Instagram algorithm, real users will check out your page and may decide to follow based on how many followers you have already, thanks to SocialSharp Marketing.

5.The Buzz Agency

The Buzz Agency is where you want to buy your followers from if you’re just interested in improving your follower count as a hobby. Their rates are affordable, and purchasing from them takes only a few minutes. Their delivery guarantee rate and convenient website make them a popular choice for small-time Instagram account owners that want a lot of followers, but don’t necessarily want to become Instagram fitness influencers.

6.The Social Connect

The Social Connect wants to help you rise through the Instagram ranks. Purchasing followers from them means that Instagram will rate your account much higher on their recommendation system once your account has a greater number of followers. As your page, photos, and videos get recommended to audiences interested in fitness content, your organic follower growth will rise.


InstaPulse is a simple yet efficient website for fitness enthusiasts that want more eyes on their page. Whether you need to have an impressive-looking Instagram page for potential sponsorship opportunities or you want to show off your follower count, you can’t go wrong with InstaPulse. All you need to do to purchase followers is go on their website and use the available payment methods to purchase the packages they offer.

8.ViralVerse Marketing

If you want to go viral in the Instagram fitness scene, ViralVerse Marketing can help you do just that. They are dedicated to providing fitness influencers real followers that will not stand out on the follower list. Their reliable service, excellent care for customer needs, and affordable follower packages places them in eighth place on this list.

9.TrendVibes Agency

Trending on Instagram isn’t easy, but TrendVibes Agency can make it a breeze. In just a few short hours, they can send hundreds to thousands of followers to your account. This site is perfect if you want to see your follower count rise as fast as possible, without getting your account banned.

Gain Instagram followers easily in 2023

Even if you take amazing photos and post stunning videos, gaining followers on Instagram is hard. Whether you’re gaining followers to become a fitness influencer or because you want to start a business, buying Instagram followers is a great investment. This is how many of the more successful fitness influencers began, since they understand that you need to start strong to gain momentum in the social media game.

You may be paying money now (though they are incredibly affordable), but later on, the bought followers will lead to real, authentic growth for your account. This is because Instagram recommends accounts and posts based on both user preference and account popularity. Once you start gaining your followers after using the above sites, Instagram might push your content to users that will actually follow you.

The great thing about the sites mentioned above is that they offer more than just follower packages. You can also buy likes, comments, and views to help your account become more activity-focused, which is attractive for both future followers and the Instagram algorithm. People will also be more likely to follow if you have an active page with a lot of followers and engagement, as it indicates that you post valuable content.


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