SIR - Having just been through the system of referral, diagnosis and treatment of a possibly cancerous lesion, I can pay tribute to the service provided by the NHS, despite the criminal underfunding by a Tory government which longs for a privatised health service.

I was seen by my GP, referred to dermatology and received treatment within the space of three weeks.

I was dealt with professionally and courteously at every stage and hopefully the biopsies taken will show that the minor surgery was successful.

The government’s attempts to show the NHS as a broken system and failure to implement decent pay rises are merely a forerunner to full privatisation and people should be wary of what they wish for when voting at future elections.

Unless NHS workers are paid a reasonable wage for their efforts, the exodus of staff will continue and we will see the demise of our most treasured service.

Colin Durkin, Moffat Close, Bradford