Sir - The proposed Frizinghall Active Travel Neighbourhood plan to restrict traffic in Frizinghall is a ‘solution’ to a problem that doesn’t exist. And it would itself constitute a problem.

At a recent presentation about it, we were told that the proposal would stop Frizinghall streets being used as ‘rat runs’ but, when asked, council officials could not supply any evidence that this was a problem or adduce any complaints from residents about it. They then suggested it would encourage people to walk or cycle - as if this ‘social engineering’ was any of their business. They implicitly accept that the scheme will inconvenience residents for no benefit to anyone, but justify it as ‘an experiment’.

The proposed six-months experimental closing-off of roads is supposed to supply evidence through before-and-after traffic censuses. But these censuses do not distinguish been residents’ travel and through travel, so the 'experiment' will supply no useful information.

The effect of these blockages will be to inconvenience residents, to increase fuel costs and pollution, and to increase congestion on Keighley Road and Frizinghall Road.

If the council really wants to improve the life of Frizinghall residents and improve traffic flow and safety in the neighbourhood, it should concentrate on slowing speeding traffic on Keighley Road, stopping the double parking at the parade of shops there, and improving access from Frizinghall Road going towards town on Canal Road.

Nicholas Bielby, Frizinghall Road, Bradford