SIR - The ongoing race for the new Prime Minister's job leaves no doubt in my mind - the rivals are too busy trying to undermine each other!

They are competing for the most important job in England. These interviews are intended to decide who is best suited for the job.

I would suggest they concentrate at the job in hand, instead of trying to score points over each other.

I would like one of them to just say: “You can criticize me as much as you like, I am more interested in how I can get the country out of this mess we are in”. “How to control the economy”. “How to cut taxes”. “Not ignore people who are struggling to feed their families”. “Exorbitant electric and gas bills”. “The ridiculous price of petrol”. “It's disgraceful that people are working all week, and must go cap in hand to food banks to feed their families”. “The over-worked NHS”. “The atrocious airport chaos”.

Then perhaps we can regain some semblance of normality. Not to mention putting pride back in England, which has long since gone.

Linda Greaves, Westcliffe Road, Shipley