SIR- This has nothing to do with climate change and is on a different time scale so does not worry us. But the slow expansion of the sun means that life on Earth will become impossible in millions of years time as it will be too hot. Human beings may not be still here but the dominant race will have to leave the planet to survive. And this would require an advanced civilisation capable of space travel.

But in this distant dystopian vision of heat hell on Earth, people will still be talking about the Summer of 1976. It's the perennial focal point for reminiscence on the subject of heatwaves. No one mentions the 1995 2003 2006 or even 2018 UK heatwaves. They've forgotten that already! But can soon track back to an era when a pint of beer cost 32p. Us kids used the word 'hapsy' which meant easy. And we tried to out dare each other by doing something called 'duffs' jumping off buildings and so on.

Alan Bates, Bowland Avenue, Baildon