SIR - I have been contacted by a constituent who is having his business seriously damaged by Bradford Council’s introduction of a Clean Air Zone.

He lives near the border between Calderdale and Bradford and a healthy share of his work comes from within the Bradford City Metropolitan Borough.

Consequently when this scheme to punish people driving “dirty” vehicles comes into force he will be faced with a choice. Either fork out for a new vehicle, like that is easy for a self-employed tradesman, or drop his clients in the Bradford council district and risk going out of business.

Just what kind of mindset makes up these rules and on what hard evidence that my constituent is harming the planet? Of course it is Labour controlled, I almost forgot that bit!

For those still unaware, because the constituent has an HX post code he faces the charge. Were he to have a BD post code he could get an exemption. I repeat, what kind of mentality do you have in Bradford council/senior councillors?

Cllr Roger Taylor, Northowram and Shelf Ward, Calderdale MBC, Glen Terrace, Halifax