SIR - Johnson was a loose cannon. And that was his downfall. The last thing the Establishment wants is a loose cannon and the collateral damage it will cause.

He had little respect for rules, convention and regulations. His guidance came from neither the Bible or the Conservative rule book.

So was he a sinner or a saint? Compared to Blair he is definitely a saint. He was the very antithesis of conservatism but contradictorily was genetically, socially, educationally and economically a conservative. An enigma.

His attitude to Conservative tradition, although respectful and deferential was if 'it' gets in my way; tough, give it the boot. Like Jesus he’ll kick over the tables in the temple!

Because of his extrovert personality, he was generally regarded as a buffoon and his intelligence severely underestimated.

Make no mistake. Johnson intelligence is exceptional, even if his morals are not.

So what is more important in a prime minister? Morals or intelligence? Is it possible for an ambitious politician to have both? Apparently not!

The concentration is now, sadly, on his replacement not the system that produced him. The Establishment will deliberately focus attention on this rather than reviewing the system on which their power and control depends. They can always get rid of the 'Johnsons' when they become a liability.

Without radical reform of democracy humanity will remain slaves of Establishment control and bumble along from one disaster to the next.

Johnson compared to other Prime Ministers of recent times, Blair for example, may be recorded in history as a saint.

So, after Johnson, be careful what you wish for. The devil awaits.

Malcolm Naylor, Leconfield House, Ilkley