HOPEFULLY, the Prime Minister standing down has lifted Philip Dent from the depths of his despair (Boris Johnson worst PM in my lifetime, Craven Herald letters July 7).

Let’s hope a good Conservative emerges from the scrum and the party stops all its infighting and gets on with the job of governing. I should hate to have to say ‘I told you so’ come the next general election.

The EU loving establishment has finally got what it has desperately wanted and worked for since Boris Johnson became Prime Minister, to continually punish him till he had to go.

It’s been amazing how they have always had another bit of scandal waiting in the wings when Boris had ridden out the previous ones.

It has been so well orchestrated that you could easily imagine Sir Simon Rattle outside Parliament with his baton conducting it all.

Let’s just hope that the future is brighter than the worst case scenarios myself and many others can imagine.

Paul Morley

Long Preston